Thinking of a Christmas Proposal?

A Christmas Proposal
If you're planning on making Christmas extra special this year, then we're sure you have a lot of questions on your mind right now! Proposing at Christmas is exciting and joyful, but planning for it can be a little overwhelming. Follow our tips for selecting the perfect engagement ring for a Christmas proposal.

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What is Jewellery Hallmarking and Does it Matter?

What is jewellery hallmarking and does it matter?
What is jewellery hallmarking and does it matter? A hallmark is an official seal that’s stamped onto precious metals and certifies the purity of the item. Because it’s impossible to tell how pure a precious metal item is by just looking at it, the process of hallmarking guarantees a standard of quality.

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Jewellery Sustainability

Do you wear all of your jewellery? Or is some of it sitting in drawers, unworn for years? If this sounds familiar, it could be time to think about turning the old into something new & most importantly, wearable.

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