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6 Amethyst Jewellery Designs We Love

6 Amethyst Jewellery Designs We Love

Amethyst, those who love it, love it deeply and those who don’t are missing out! At Ryan Thomas, we adore its rich palette of purple hues.

Amethyst showcases a beautiful range of purple tones, from light lavender and lilac to deep violet and plum. Long associated with royalty, it has been prized since ancient times. The Greeks and Romans believed it would prevent the harmful effects of alcohol and so made drinking vessels from it. Amethyst glasses, how luxe!

Amethyst, the birthstone for lucky February babies, rates at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale meaning it is durable and an excellent choice for everyday wear. Its durability paired with its rich colour and elegance make it suitable for both casual and formal wear. It can be set in various metals and paired with other gemstones. Here are six amethyst jewellery designs that we love.

18ct Yellow Gold Amethyst & Diamond Pendant

This beautifully cut pear-shaped amethyst is set in 18ct gold and finished with a sparkling white diamond. Strung on a yellow gold chain this amethyst pendant is a timeless classic.

18ct yellow gold amethyst and diamond pendant

White Gold Amethyst & Pink Tourmaline Ring

A modern masterpiece. Crafted from 14ct white gold, this dress ring features a beautifully cut amethyst centre stone, accented by two pink tourmalines and surrounded by a halo of diamonds. It's perfectly finished with two rows of diamond shoulders.

white gold amethyst and pink tourmaline ring

Rose Gold Amethyst & Topaz Earrings

A romantic’s choice, these earrings feature cushion cut amethyst and blue topaz gemstones with "mosaic" finishes for maximum sparkle. These feminine earrings are crafted in Italy from 9ct rose gold.

Rose gold amethyst and topaz earrings

Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone Maxi Necklace

A kaleidoscope of colour. Expertly crafted, this stunning 18ct yellow gold long necklace features bright citrine and amethyst gemstones paired with pearls and blue topaz stones. The natural gemstones are contrasted with gold links for a distinctive finish. Celebrate a love of colour with this necklace.

9ct Yellow Gold Amethyst Gemstone Drop Earrings

Crafted from 9ct yellow gold, these amethyst drop earrings are beautifully finished. The rich, royal colour of the amethyst is cut with facets that catch the light as you turn. They are simple yet elegant enough to wear for day or night.

9ct Yellow Gold Amethyst Gemstone Drop Earrings

Yellow Gold Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz & Peridot Necklace

This mixed gemstone necklace stands out from the crowd. Featuring citrine, blue topaz, amethyst and peridot, it sits beautifully across the collarbone and shimmers as you move. Crafted from 9ct yellow gold, it's a piece to cherish forever.

9ct yellow gold mixed gemstone necklet

We hope you are now a fellow admirer of amethyst. Shop our amethyst jewellery collection here.