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Engagement Rings: The Most Popular Diamond Cuts

Engagement Rings: The Most Popular Diamond Cuts

Choosing the diamond cut (also known as the shape) is arguably the most important decision  when selecting your engagement ring. Whether the ring of your dreams is a simple solitaire or you’re lusting after a three stone, the cut of the main stone makes all the difference. 

We think your personal style should be the main deciding factor. If you think about your everyday jewellery style - do you prefer modern or vintage? Would you like a more understated design or are you dreaming about a statement ring with perhaps a pop of colour? 

Here’s our definitive guide to the most popular diamond cuts, and the personal style we think they’re most suited to. 

Round Brilliant 

Undoubtedly the popular diamond cut, there’s a technical reason why round brilliant diamonds are so beautiful. This cut is able to maximise light reflections through its 58 facets, making it the sparkliest diamond shape. We think it’s perfect for someone who loves classic, timeless style, as this cut is ageless and looks gorgeous worn as a simple solitaire or as a three stone design. 

round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring
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Oval cuts are very on trend right now. This stunning diamond shape is essentially an elongated version of the round brilliant, meaning it has the capacity to sparkle just as much. It’s an elegant choice, great for those who like to stay ahead of the curve yet lean towards a classic style. The oblong shape can make a smaller diamond look bigger, and it flatters the hand by lengthening the fingers beautifully. Our tip for buying an oval shaped diamond: oval diamonds show their colour more than other cuts, so make sure to choose an oval with a high colour grade to ensure it’s sparkly white rather than looking yellow. 

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Also known as a teardrop, a pear cut is a hybrid of the oval and marquise styles. It dates back as early as the 1400s, so it’s a gorgeous choice for someone who loves vintage designs. Pear cuts also have the ability to make smaller carat weights look larger than they are, so if size is important, a pear cut is an excellent choice. Our buying tip for a pear shaped diamond: since pear cut diamonds have a tip, they are more vulnerable to chipping. We recommend settings that place a V-prong to cover up the sharpest point of the pear diamond. 

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Characterised by a large, glassy table, the emerald cut diamond has a cool, Art Deco aesthetic.

It has an understated sparkle, often called a “hall-of-mirrors” effect, and exudes elegance. It’s perfect for those who don’t like super flashy styles. The long angular shape helps fingers look long and slender and the step cut faceting captures the diamond's clarity. Our buying tip for an emerald cut diamond: Clarity is really important, since there are fewer facets to distract from the blemishes. Choose an emerald cut diamond with a high clarity and colour grade so it looks bright white and sparkly. 

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Square shaped with pointed corners, the princess cut is modern and sleek, while still displaying serious sparkle. Essentially a square version of the round brilliant, the princess shape is technically referred to as a "square modified brilliant" cut. So if you’re looking for maximum brilliance in a contemporary design, the princess cut is a first-class choice for almost any ring style.

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A historic diamond shape with a regal vibe, the marquise cut diamond was supposedly first commissioned by King Louis XV of France, who was inspired by the smile of his mistress! 

Its distinctive design - oval sides and pointed edges -  elongates the finger and gives the illusion of a greater sized diamond. 

Elegant and bold, it’s perfect for someone who likes their jewellery to be individual and a little different from the norm. Our buying tip for a marquise cut diamond: like the pointed edge of a pear cut, the ends of the marquise cut diamond should be protected against chipping by a claw or bezel setting.



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Radiant cut diamonds are similar to the octagon shape of the emerald cut, however the radiant has more deeply cut facets, meaning it boasts dazzling radiance.

The most modern of diamond shapes, the brilliant faceting and octagon shape of the radiant cut is perfect for those who love maximum fire and sparkle. What’s more, the radiant cut has carefully bevelled corners, so it has durability against chips and breakage.

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As always, we’re here to help you choose your dream ring. Book an appointment to see our engagement ring collection or discuss creating a custom made engagement ring, to be handcrafted in Ireland by our Goldsmith. Whether you wish to see specific styles of rings close-up or you’re just starting your research and looking for advice, we’re here to answer all your questions.