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How to Choose the Perfect Ring for a Valentine's Day Proposal

How to Choose the Perfect Ring for a Valentine's Day Proposal
February 14th is a day to celebrate love, so if you're planning on proposing on the most romantic day this year, we're here to help. Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision, so here is everything you need to know about selecting the perfect ring. Good luck!
Knowing where to begin may seem daunting, so we suggest you follow these three easy steps. 


1. Determine the Ring Style

First and foremost, resist the urge to follow fleeting fads, the perfect engagement ring is one that will be loved forever. We advise choosing a design or setting that fits your partner's personality. For example, if they like timeless classic looks, opt for a solitaire or a halo design, whereas if they love modern styles, choose a three stone (trilogy) ring or an intricate ring design, or perhaps one with a colour gemstone

 Pear cut solitaire ring


2. Select the Metal

This step should be easier. Take a look at your partner's jewellery. Do they wear yellow or white gold or silver? If their jewellery is yellow gold, you should definitely choose a yellow gold ring. If your partner wears silver or white gold jewellery, opt for a platinum or white gold engagement ring. 

oval trilogy ring 


3. Choose the Diamond or Gemstone 

The cost of an engagement ring, whether it's a ready-to-wear or bespoke design, is largely dependent on the size (carat weight) and quality of the gemstones. When it comes to size, we always advise quality over quantity, since a poor quality diamond, regardless of its impressive size, will always lack the beautiful sparkle of a high quality stone. Opting for a smaller diamond with an impressive colour and clarity (specifically from H upwards in colour and SI1 upwards in clarity) will ensure the ring glitters impressively. If you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed about the difference between superb and poor quality diamonds,  read our easy guide to the four C’s here.
If your beloved would love a sizeable diamond, it is worth knowing that there are two options of diamonds available - mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Mined diamonds form over millions to billions of years and are mined from the earth, while lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory. Lab diamonds are grown individually from a natural seed by diamond specialists. They are visually and molecularly identical to mined diamonds, therefore they are a great option if you would like to prioritise sustainability and source a bigger diamond at a lower price point.
Girl wearing diamond rings