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Signet Rings - A Guide To Popular Styles

Signet Rings - A Guide To Popular Styles

Signet rings are experiencing something of a renaissance. Historically they once played a significant part in society and culture. A gentleman would use his signet ring which featured his unique family crest, emblem or monogram to sign and seal legal or official documents. Nowadays they serve more as a stylish accessory.

Signet rings come in a variety of styles and materials. Available in silver and gold, they can either have a flat table for engraving a monogram or a family crest, or they're set with a gemstone. Popular choices of gemstones include malachite, onyx, bloodstone and carnelian.

We love this unique malachite signet ring with its rich, patterned coloration in shades of green.

malachite signet ring

Another favourite in our collection is this gent's signet ring featuring an ornately designed onyx, the gleaming black gemstone believed to offer up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower.

onyx signet ring

The Crested Signet Ring 

A crested signet ring is most often a treasured family heirloom. At Ryan Thomas we can help you select a ring suitable for cresting. There are a few factors to consider e.g. the depth of the ring's table. We recommend a depth of approximately 2mm in order to make the hand engraving as deep as possible so it will both stand the test of time and can be used for sealing if you so wish.

This 9ct yellow gold ring weighs a substantial 9.8g and is ideal for hand engraving with a family crest.

gold signet ring

Many people get confused between a Coat of Arms and Crest. For example, this is the Coat of Arms of the Donnelly Family

Donnelly Coat of Arms

However the Donnelly Crest features an arm wielding the sword on top of the head of the Coat of Arms.

Donnelly Crest

We can guide you in selecting the correct emblem for engraving and once that has been agreed, our Hand Engraver gets to work. We engrave the ring in the traditional way, where the crest appears to be reversed. It is engraved in this way to allow the seal to display correctly. Here is an example of a recently hand engraved crested (with the Donnelly Crest) signet ring and the wax seal the ring creates.

Donnelly Crested Signet Ring

Donnelly Seal

Women's Signet Rings

Traditionally a man’s ring, we have seen an upsurge in demand for signet rings from women too. Often monogrammed instead of crested, women's signet rings are one of most popular pieces this year. This beautiful yellow gold women’s signet ring, was recently commissioned by our customer and handcrafted by our Goldsmith, engraved with an initial and set with a sparkling diamond for a touch of opulence.

bespoke woman's signet ring with engraved initial and diamond


Another trend we have noticed in women’s signet rings is the modern east to west table e.g. this 9ct oval beauty with a textured edge.

womans oval signet ring

If you would like to talk to us about signet rings, we're always here to help. Drop us a line here and we will be in touch.