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Trending: The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2023

Trending: The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2023

Being as obsessed with diamonds as we are, we love nothing more than seeing what's new and noteworthy in the engagement ring world. 2023's already promising to be an exciting one, as we see couples take a fresh approach to tradition, opting for unique and modern ring designs.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about 2023's favourite engagement ring styles...

An engagement ring will be worn every day and treasured forever, so one that reflects your individual style and personality will stand the test of time. Nowadays, quality and originality reign, as we see couples opt for high grade diamonds and customised designs. It's all about the meaningful details, such as creating a bespoke ring using diamonds or gold passed down for generations.


Simplicity at its best. The elegant and classic solitaire is timeless and this design remains a favoured choice. While classic round brilliant cut diamonds are still as sought-after, oval cut diamonds are very in demand right now. They're sleek and impactful - the sparkle from a single, high quality diamond will always get noticed.

As well as the classic claw-set solitaire designs, we're seeing customers gravitate towards bezel settings too and we expect this style will increase in popularity; particularly the east to west settings that are on-trend amongst the most discerning fashionistas right now.

solitaire diamond engagement ring

Trilogy Designs

A trilogy design features three diamonds or gemstones set side by side to represent the past, present and future of your love. It’s a style that has never gone out of fashion, but it is more popular than ever this year. We're seeing a shift towards yellow gold bands (shanks), and mixed metal combinations, such as three diamonds set in white gold, complete with a yellow gold band. A trilogy ring featuring a gemstone centre stone, such as sapphire or aquamarine, is a modern take on this engagement ring design.

thrilogy diamond engagement ring

Toi y Moi Rings

Toi y moi rings can be really unique, so if you would like a ring like no other, this is a beautiful choice. Featuring two stones side by side, the style can be a mix of coloured gemstones, a coloured gemstone paired with a diamond, or a combination of fancy cut diamonds (oval, pear, emerald), the options are endless!

The toi y moi design also allows you to effortlessly incorporate a family heirloom. As the two stones are intentionally mismatched in shape, it allows more creativity and play when it comes to matching the family heirloom with a newly sourced loose gemstone of your choice. Our bespoke service assists you in creating your dream custom design, and the ring is handcrafted by our Goldsmith.


Coloured Gemstones

Colour is king and modern engagement rings don't always stick with the traditional designs. We're seeing unique mixed colour combinations; say aquamarine and sapphire paired with diamonds, or morganite and pink tourmaline together. We love these vivid colour combinations and regularly source one-of-a-kind loose gemstones for our customers.

A note on practicality; the durability of gemstones varies, for example sapphires and rubies have far greater durability than opals or pearls and it's important to choose a gemstone that can withstand the daily wear of an engagement ring.

Aquamarine and Diamond engagement ring


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